Tuesday, May 31, 2005



Exciting progress! As it's late I won't bother posting it till tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are my new hypotheses which the whole project will be seeking to either prove or disprove, I've not sure which...


A few questions for you here...

# Thus less grey squirrels will use it as time passes and little grey squirrels grow up.

But as more grays are born, there will be young ones again...

# Red feeding will not be affected by grey squirrels sharing their feeder.

No. But if the feeder is the only food the reds can get, isn't there a problem here still?

Keep up the good work!
Observant questions, hope these answers are illuminating...

#Grey squirrels are born in the spring/summer so as the summer progresses there should be fewer and fewer still around that are small enough to fit the mesh.

#Yes there is a problem! However, even if young greys can use the feeder, it could still be useful in the Winter when all greys have grown to full size and can no longer fit. The aim of the feeder is not to provide all of a red squirrels food but only to supplement it in situations where greys are lowering the availability of natural food.

Thanks for giving this some thought!
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