Friday, October 28, 2005


Kelvingrove Park gets Squirrel Feeders

After working on their construction all week, I've finally had an afternoon climbing the trees of Kelvingrove to install 6 brand new squirrel feeders. Each is complete with tally counter and sticky tape to record exactly how many squirrels lift the lids to access the peanuts, and whether the number of hairs they leave behind is a good indicator of this.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Counting Squirrels

Installing tally counters under the squirel feeder lids has brought to light an interesting squirel phenomonom: It seems that tho red squirrels appear happy to use the selective feeders they may prefer to take the easy option if there's a normal one around. Last week I put up 2 feeders without any selective mesh and not surprisingly the grey squirrels starting using them -they must be well happy to be able to steal red's nuts again. However -the reds have just about stopped using the feeders that were excluiselvy for them and are sharing at the same ones that the greys are using. Do they like sharing with greys or is is simply too much effort to squeeze through the mesh to thier special feeders?

Both the hairs caught on sticky tape under the lids and the tally counters are recording this. The cameras are pretty defunct just now and need an overhall..

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Grey Raid

Caught grey-handed: A grey squirrel un-able to fit through the mesh but activating the camera by sticking a paw through and lifting the lid. I don't think he can have reached any nuts but he had a good attempt -I've got 12 photos of him!

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