Saturday, May 28, 2005


The Plan

The only squirrel I've seen today was found on google. The meeting of the real thing's been re-scheduled to a rather early hour tomorrow morning. All the other squirrel experts I know of seem to be out, as any sensable person should be on a sunny afternoon.

However, there is still exciting progress! Here I present
'The Four Selective Feeder Questions'

    nuts for squirrels
  1. Can all reds get nuts?
  2. Can any greys get nuts?
  3. Do less reds get nuts when there are greys around too?
  4. Do more squirrels get nuts the longer the feeders up?

There is also an unofficial question: Will any squirrels turn up if I sit in a wood for 4 weeks watching a wire box with nuts inside? I hope to have an answer tomorrow after speaking to the people that really know about squirrels.

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