Wednesday, June 08, 2005



The week began with promise after my technical advisor and chief electronics engineer Jon noticed that squirrels have to lift a lid to get to their nuts, and hence a little switch on the lid could be constructed to photo any lid-lifting squirrels. However, the hunt for a research location continues... A very promising (but uninspiringly named) Foulshaw Moss contains a small pocket of reds not too far away. However, the two people that would know about the squirrels there and could be potentially very helpful are both independently away on leave for another two weeks. And my contacts up in the North who are not on leave and very helpful have just bumped off all their grey squirrels -good for their red squirrels of course but not for my research. Although of course the research is only to achieve good things for red squirrels so I can't really complain. So the search continues. Many phone calls were made today, but it was sunny so most people involved in the squirrel business were very far from their phone. I shall arise at dawn tomorrow in an effort to catch them.

Funny I landed on your blog. The last few days fellow bloggers and I have been laughing with 'furry hamster nuts'.

I know this means nothing to you but maybe you can join in our laughter if you check out my blog. Maybe you won't.
'Furry squirrel nuts' could make a lot of sense -Although one sort of squirrels' nuts are internal so not really furry, squirrels eat all sorts of nuts and many of them are very furry indeed.

I think you and your fellow bloggers could find much facination with squirrels' nuts if you become bored with hamsters. I shall keep an eye on your blog in case you decide squirrel nuts are indeed the way forward.
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