Monday, September 12, 2005


Local Reds

I have at last discovered a small pocket of red squirrels! Right under my very nose, just over the hill in the next valley a little family of squirrels is fed in a garden on the edge of the woods. I hear reds have also been seen in neighboring gardens. What's more, they're even used to being fed using the weighted-door type of squirrel feeder -great potential for using my size selective one. But the hazel nut season is just beginning making shop bought nuts seem very unnapeailing to the squirrels...

I feel it prudent to ask what precautions you're taking to bullet-proof the electronics in your feeders... I hear there's some strange folk "up North" (I feel so perverse writing "up North" to talk about England)
The electornics are admittedly a little at risk. Any grey squirrel poking its nose out near the feeder risks a .22 airgun pellet in its skull from the rifle kept mounted in the spare room of the house whose garden I'm using for the feeders. The traditional squirrel feeder (non-functioning) already on the tree next to mine is indeed peppered with bullet holes. Mine is semi-protected from being in the hollow of a fork in the branches (which means I have to climb the tree to collect data the whole time...) More pertinent issues include circuitry shorting every time it rains and rusting up of contacts on the switch... But I have squirrel photos none the less! see prev post (soon to arrive...)
In the true spirit of things, I'd like to point out that that's not a squirrel at the top left of the page but it is, in fact, a tufted rhinoceros. There's a picture of one with slightly less hair here.

Can be confused by their yearly malting habits. They're very shy while they have hair, and tend to hide up trees.
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