Saturday, October 08, 2005


Grey Raid

Caught grey-handed: A grey squirrel un-able to fit through the mesh but activating the camera by sticking a paw through and lifting the lid. I don't think he can have reached any nuts but he had a good attempt -I've got 12 photos of him!

oh.. the cheekiness..
Bandit! You should rig this to a pre-aimed rifle. I hear there's one on a tripod in the spare bedroom. Shouldn't be too hard to fix up. Jon, you there?
I'm so excited... about squirrels... what have you done to me henry?? Fantastic material for your work. Wondering if it's possible to get a wide angle lens for the camera.

SOmething like this andy?:
We are trying different red only feeders in Dundee. Some smaller greys seem to learn they can get through the 2in weld mesh. See Dundee City Council Countryside Ranger web pages if you want to get in touch.

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